5 Reasons Professional Deer Fence Installation is a Must

deer fence installation

You don’t want this happening on your property.

Deer fencing is a unique addition to any yard or recreational area, and in the Bucks County and Montgomery County areas, homeowners are looking into the addition of deer fencing because of its many advantages.

A deer fence is much higher than a conventional fence. A regular privacy fence is fine if you’re only trying to seclude yourself, but they’re often not high enough to keep deer and other wild animals off your property.

An adult deer, after all, can jump as high as eight feet. In order to effectively keep them outside your private area, the fence clearly must be high enough to keep them from jumping over it. Not only do deer cause great destruction, but they can also spread Lyme disease by carrying infected ticks onto your property.

Peter Benz Landscaping has been installing deer fencing for many years to prevent deer from destroying everything from residential gardens to commercial orchards and nurseries, while also assisting with deer tick control.

But whether you choose Peter Benz or another area landscaper to install deer fencing on your Bucks or Montgomery property, we nevertheless strongly suggest having the installation completed by a professional.

Here are five important reasons why:

Deer Fences Must Be Properly Maintained

Because of its height, a deer fence must be properly maintained on a regular basis. Vines and other climbing plants can add unnecessary weight to a fence, causing it to sag and break under the pressure. If vines are left intact during the winter months, any ice and snow that adheres to them can cause additional damage.

It’s important to have a deer fence closely inspected every six months. Any damage caused by animals or the elements can be seen and repaired before a major problem presents itself.

Assuming a deer fence is installed by a licensed and insured professional, however, the chance that it will be able to withstand the elements — as well as any dangers that arise from naturally curious animals — are much, much greater.

A Pro-Built Fence is Strong Enough to Keep Animals Out

A professional deer fence installer knows exactly which materials will make your fence as sturdy as it needs to be. (At Peter Benz, we install a poly coated steel web material.) In some areas, where the elements can be rather harsh and animals may be strong enough to damage certain fences, the right materials can mean the difference between a sturdy fence and one that will stand the test of time. Professional installers also know special techniques that can help strengthen the intersections between the wire and the posts.

Deer Fences Need to Be Installed at the Proper Height

A properly licensed and insured deer fence installer will always be able to determine exactly what height your fence should be. Local installers know which kinds of animals you’ll need to be most concerned with, and what types of fencing materials will best protect you and your family from those unwanted intruders.

A Properly-Built Deer Fence Protects Your Family from Unwanted Insects

While deer will rarely attack humans, the insects they carry certainly will. Unfortunately, those insects also tend to wreak havoc on the immune systems. Deer ticks are an especially seriously problem in Pennsylvania, where a large portion of the deer tick population is infected with Lyme disease, which can be deadly to humans. The number of insects that can breed off one adult deer, in fact, is astounding. Did you know deer can also carry fleas?

When deer are allowed to roam free throughout your property, insects will eventually take up residence. A professionally installed deer fence can absolutely help prevent that from happening.

A Deer Fence Offers Security

With its incredible strength and added height, an extra bonus of the deer fence is the extra security it offers. Although it doesn’t necessarily extend additional privacy, it’s nevertheless true that a fence’s height alone can be a deterrent not only to four-legged intruders, but to two-legged intruders as well. A professional installer can create a fence that is durable and strong, and capable of providing a safe sanctuary for your family and your pets.

Any type of fence can be a beautiful addition to your yard, and adding a deer fence that’s versatile as well as beautiful is an obvious bonus. At Peter Benz Landscaping, we’re skilled at creating deer fences that blend into the landscape from only a few feet away. We can also incorporate deer grates into your driveway.

To learn more, or to speak with a member of our staff, contact us today.

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