Custom Stone and Brick Landscaping Features

Stone Walls - Flagstone Patios - Bucks County

Adding custom stone and brick features to your landscape can take it from plain and ordinary to a stunningly beautiful outdoor living space.  Peter Benz Landscaping will design the landscape plan, help you choose the right materials and then create that amazing outdoor living space you've always wanted.

Here are some examples of brick and stone landscaping work we've done for our Bucks and Montgomery County customers:

  • Stone - brick fireplaces and fire pits
  • Flagstone, stone or brick walkways and patios
  • Brick - stone walls and retaining walls
  • Stone - brick piers, pillars and other unique landscaping features

The list of possible stone and brick landscaping features, options and alternatives is endless.

Contact us today to get started on that dream outdoor living space you've always wanted.

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