Plant & Tree Health

Before Treatment

After Treatment

As a Pennsylvania State Certified Commercial Pesticide and Herbicide Applicator, Peter Benz Landscaping is fully trained in preventative and curative pest control for lawn and turf, trees, shrubs, deer ticks and other invertabrate pests. We also specialize in the control of the Emerald Ash Borer.

Various fertilization options are available and suggested treatment options are based on conditions of plant materials.

We offer a variety of soil and trunk injections for systemic treatment of both insect and disease issues in the landscape. An organic trunk injection option is also available for a select group of tree pests, for more details ask about this service.

PBL is certified for Mauget and ArborJet injection treatments.  These injections reduce the environmental exposure by eliminating or reducing the spraying of chemicals on your property.

All of these injections help to manage the spread of damaging pests and disease. Peter Benz will evaluate your plant materials to recommend an individualized care plan that best fits your needs.

Our focus is to provide a customized integrated plant health care system that is both environmentally friendly and promotes healthy and strong plants. We utilize the integrated pest management (IPM) approach when treating our clients' plants and trees which allows for a safer means of controlling pests and disease.

In turn, you can rest assured that your Buck-Montgomery property is in excellent expert care with Peter Benz Landscaping and our experienced staff. Contact us today with any of your plant health concerns or questions.

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