Tree Growth Regulation

Peter Benz Landscaping understands that as trees and shrubs grow and mature, their size can cause damage to your property. Sometimes plant materials are placed too close to houses, garages, power lines, sidewalks and other structures. We often need to also slow tree or shrub growth to help recovery from stresses such as root damage, soil compaction, and severe pruning. Our experienced staff will determine the cause of your property’s growth problem and the best way to treat it.

The application of Trimtect helps to maintain a more manicured look of ground covers and shrubs, reducing the frequency of prunings. Other benefits include increased resistance to disease and pest infestation.

We also use a tree growth regulator called Cambistat®, which inhibits tree growth hormones called gibberellins. When applied to trees, at the proper rates, Cambistat can reduce and even stop the above ground growth of trees. While growth is slowed, photosynthesis is not reduced, so the trees continue to build up their resources.

With the use of Cambistat®, slowing the amount of tree growth can help:

  • Maintain a more appropriate tree size
  • Minimize intrusion into power lines
  • Reduce the amount of wood pruning required
  • Extend the time in between pruning services
  • Prevent overcrowding of trees in the landscape
  • Safely maintain the visual appeal and views of the landscape
  • Grow thicker, greener leaves
  • Build a higher tolerance to some disease and/or pest infestations

At Peter Benz Landscaping we will send a licensed professional to your Bucks-Motgomery property to assess and apply growth regulator to prolong the life of your trees, shrubs and ground covers.

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 The below series of pictures show the improved health and vigor of a Cambistat® treated Oak

Peter B. Benz - PD-2286A