Deer Fencing

Deer Fence Bucks County

Peter Benz Landscaping is fully licensed and insured to install deer fencing, deer grates and entrance gates on properties throughout Bucks, Montgomery and surrounding areas. With our extensive experience in landscape design, as well as fence installation, we are able to naturally blend any fencing system into the aesthetics of your property.

Not only do deer cause great Deer Fencing Peter Benz Landscapingdestruction but they can also spread Lyme disease by carrying infected ticks onto your property. PBL has been installing deer fencing for many years to prevent deer from destroying everything from residential gardens to commercial orchards and nurseries, while also assisting with deer tick control. 

The deer fencing we install is a poly coated steel web material. The black color and consistent grid-like space make it virtually invisible. It blends into the landscape and from only a few feet away, gives the impression of having "disappeared." In addition, we can also incorporate deer grates into your driveway. These grates are made of hollow slats which are impassable to deer. These deer grates are used in place of, or addition to, a driveway gate and are very effective.

Hiring PBL to install deer fencing on your property is one of the most cost effective options available for deer tick control. Contact us today to learn more about the customized fencing we could install on your property.