Shrub Pruning

Peter Benz Landscaping believes that proper pruning of your shrubs is extremely beneficial to your entire property. We prune shrubs to help maintain desired size, appearance (natural or formal), maximize flowering potential and promote the ability to naturally regenerate. The shrubs on your property will display their best characteristics when we prune them regularly and correctly.


Peter Benz Landscaping believes that:

  • Every pruning cut should be made with the plant’s health in mind
  • Improper pruning could possibly lead to disease and decay
  • Improper shearing can injure your shrubs and cause them to die prematurely
  • Shrub and Tree growth regulation is also available. Learn more.


Proper pruning will greatly enhance the appearance and health of your shrubs and property. We focus on a variety of pruning techniques determined by the species of the shrub and the desired look. To determine the appropriate time and pruning style for the shrubs on your Bucks-Montgomery County property, please contact Peter Benz Landscaping today.

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